Meeting Minutes – September 2015


Malvern Red & Black Society
Executive Committee
7:00 p.m., 15 September 2015
Archives Room, Malvern C.I.

Present: Vandra Masemann (Chair), A. Ashby, S. Burk, D. Fuller, Volker Masemann, R. Tennyson, R. Watson

Regrets: E. Butchers, D. Chadwick, I. Hubel, S. Munro

  1. Minutes of May 2015 meeting

Adele moved acceptance of the July 7 meeting, seconded by Volker. Accepted.

  1. Matters arising from the Minutes

Rod noted that from the proceeds of the ReLeaf Day, $300 had been donated to the Environment Club and $200 was added to the MTBS account.

  1. Announcements

Vandra noted that she was now the OMF interim secretary and was now the second signatory to its bank account.   David noted that he had a speaking engagement on Malvern’s contribution to World War I on 10 November at the Beaches branch library for the Beach and East Toronto History Society.

  1. President’s Report — Vandra Masemann

Vandra noted that everything she had to report would be covered elsewhere on the agenda.

  1. Vice President’s Report – Adele Ashby

Adele noted that the fall 2015 Musings was ready for mailing.

  1. Communications Reports –

Mail –Vandra Masemann

Vandra reported that she had prepared and sent letters of thanks to all those who donated to the MRBS from January 2015 to the end of June. She also noted that she had done a review of the mail received from June to September 2015 and distributed a report on the matter. She then asked everyone involved in it to be vigilant in trying to weed out mailings to those who should no longer be on the list.

Phone & email — Bob Watson

Bob noted that over the summer since our last meeting, we had received no phone calls and no 40s and 60s emails. The Red and Black account had received 5 web registrations, 2 inquiries, 1 about Malvern rings and 1 about a year book. Junk mail was becoming a problem on the MRBS webmail. Email thanks had been sent out to the 43 Malvernites who had registered since April 2015.

Database – Dianne Chadwick

In Dianne’s absence, Vandra reported that Dianne had sent in the address list and that Tim had prepared the labels for the newsletter mailing. Dianne is now working on the email list.

Facebook & website — David Fuller

David noted that there had been no posts recently in the MRBS website and asked for items to post. He also agreed to investigate the possibility of creating a database for the Muses that could be accessible online.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Bob Watson

Bob noted that our account is balanced and given the fact that we were now in a position to receive our funds being held by the OMF and recent donations, we are in a somewhat healthier financial position. We will also be reimbursed by the OMF for including its request for funds in our newsletter. Our bank balance is $3383.62. Amounts to pay out are $200 for the MRBS Awards, $250 for the Archives, and approximately $1400 for the Fall 2015 Musings. In a funding request, we will be requesting one quarter of the mailing expenses from the OMF at their next meeting.

  1. OMF meeting and Malvern Military Tattoo Report – Rod Tennyson

Rod reported that the Malvern Military Tattoo had had to be cancelled because of the uncertainties of the negotiations between the teachers and the provincial government. He will consider the project for next year.

He attended the August 18 OMF meeting which was primarily concerned with the writing of cheques, now that it is possible to do so, and the replacement of damaged seats in the school’s auditorium.

  1. Ways to support Malvern

Discussion continued on the subject of how to support Malvern, including the sale of business card space on page 7 of the newsletter and the inclusion of positive comments about it. Vandra will continue to keep track of feedback on the MRBS Facebook page.

  1. Upcoming events – Commencement and Remembrance Day, Christmas Meeting.

David noted that he planned to attend Commencement as a parent and Vandra will attend as the MRBS rep. Vandra and David will attend Remembrance Day. The date for the annual Christmas dinner and meeting was tentatively set for Tuesday 8 December. {VM. note. This will have to be moved to a Wednesday, perhaps the following week.]

  1. Any Other Business

Volker noted that the gardens needed work, which he would do on Archives Day. The volunteer parent had been unable to attend to it over the summer.

  1. Motion to adjourn

Moved by Adele, seconded by Volker: 8:45 p.m.


Author: David Fuller

MRBS Webmaster and parent of two MCI graduates (2011 & 2015) and another very bright son. Decade representative for 1903-1939 and Service Personnel.

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