Remembrance Day 2012 at Malvern


Remembrance Day 2012 at Malvern Collegiate Institute

Dear Members of the Community and Media,

On Friday November 9th, Malvern Collegiate Institute will be hosting a special Remembrance Day presentation and we invite you and your organization to attend. The theme of our presentation is “respect for veterans” and it will have a particular focus on both surviving Canadian veterans as well as local Malvern and Beaches veterans. Following the presentation, there will also be an informal lunch-in as well as a “moment of silence” to mark the 11th hour. Guests and media are asked to use the timetable and RSVP in advance of attending using the information below.

Arrival time:                         9:30am (please report to the Main Office for sign-in)

Presentation:                        9:50 – 10:30am (in the Auditorium)

Lunch-in:                   10:30 – 11:00am (in the Staff Room)

Moment of Silence:             11:00 – 11:01am (school wide)

Contact Information for RSVP:

Malvern Collegiate Institute

55 Malvern Avenue (The Beach)

Toronto, Ontario


416-393-1480 (ext. 0 for the Main Office)

A program for the presentation has also been attached. Please let us know if you are able to come and thank you for showing your support for our veterans.

Line Pinard    Principal, Malvern Collegiate Institute

 Mike Izzo   Malvern School Climate Council Chair

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