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We have scheduled another joint 1950s/1960s reunion at the Balmy Beach Canoe Club for Saturday, May 14, 2011, from noon until six. Watch for more details in future on this page. Access photographs of the 50s/60s Reunion in 2008 and other events by clicking on the ‘Gallery’ button on the left side of this page. Similarly, see our 50s/60s Reunion Musings and other Musings editions by clicking on ‘Musings’.

The 1960s were eventful years in many ways for MCI students and teachers. We would be interested in receiving your stories and photographs of your time at Malvern for our archives and future Musings. Please send any such items to Malvern Collegiate Institute, 55 Malvern Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4E 3E4, attention Malvern Red & Black Society, Archives Committee.

Some of the teachers that I remember clearly from 1960 (and before):

Marshall Bruce Evoy (Drama Club)
Scott Hutchison (Shop Woodworking)
Stewart Passmore (Junior Football)
Winifred Smeaton (French Immersion)
Fred Warren (Marching Cadets).
Look forward to our next Musings Letter (by email or regular mail, your request) in the spring of 2011.

Robert Watson, 1960s Decade Coordinator, Member at Large, Malvern Red & Black Society

Author: Bob Watson

MRBS Treasurer and Class of '56, Decade Representative 1960s

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