The Infamous Mr. Dingle


I was fortunate enough to be in the Concert Band/audience when Geremy Dingle gave the Valedictorian speech to his graduating class. I was never much of one for listening to speeches, but I had a feeling that this one would be different. After having watched him go through the previous year as President of the Student Council, Band President and the lead in the school’s play, I looked forward to listening once again to this wonder of my generation.

He continued on about his school years at Malvern, but the highlight of his speech was imitating some of his favourite teachers. I’d never had Miss Dymott as a teacher, but having been in her class the following year, I knew his performance was bang on. Another wonderful display was his homage to Mr. Gillings, going on about white socks for gym class. He even threw in Mr. Irwin and Mr. Randall if my memory serves me. But this wasn’t the most amusing part. He did it with class. He didn’t make fun of them; he paid tribute to them. I thought to myself, I haven’t seen the last of this character. And I was right. Imagine my surprise while watching Bravo a few years later and seeing his face pasted across an ad launching the channel. Jeremy is now in California pursuing his career in acting and has had appearances on shows such as “Angel” and in movies such as “Wish You Were Dead”. I knew he’d go far.

Shanta R. Nathwani, Class of 1993

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