Malvern Red & Black Day – Oct 5, 2012.


The Malvern Red & Black Day brought out the Malvern spirit during the all day event.  When I arrived, the girls had already won both their Field Hockey games.  While I was there, the boys’ soccer team won their game and I saw the Malvern touchdown in the boys’ first game.  The Junior and Senior teams were playing that day.

There was a sea of red and black in the stands.  The band was there in their beautiful red & black kilts, as they played rousing music.  The cheerleaders inspired the crowd to cheer on their teams, dressed in their red & black  uniforms and were aided in this endeavor by Malvern’s mascot – the Black Knight.

It was exciting to see the enthusiasm of the students, staff, teams, band & cheerleaders throughout the event.

Onward Malvern!

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