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This page gives you access to much of the archival research that we have done at Malvern since 2003, as well as to information about special projects such as the restoration of the Malvern CI Cenotaph for WWI. A project to scan all past Malvern Muses is underway, and Muses will be posted as they are scanned. Other projects are the history of Malvern Principals, the history of Malvern Staff, a searchable database of Malvern Muse articles, the history of Malvernites after Malvern, research on Illustrious Malvernites (and not so illustrious), and eventually an electronic database of all of the material in the Malvern Archives.

The Archives Room of the MRBS is located in the school and is open to the public for research purposes by appointment. Those interested can email us at or use the Hotline at 416 393 8683.

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